September 30, 2022

Design Roundup 002: Tourism Campaigns

For Klyxx's second article in their Design Roundup series, the team discusses notable tourism campaigns it has seen.

As a team of lifelong learners, the designers (and even non-designers) here at Klyxx are constantly inspired by the design projects we see out in the world. From impactful brand identities to cool interactive sites, to projects we like from the companies we admire, this new series aims to put all our learnings into writing and give readers a glimpse of what we’re into right now. 

Sweden: The Edible Country (Victoria, CEO)

Agency: In-house

Client: Sweden

Project Type: Campaign

Background: Sweden’s tourism agency launched a campaign that immersed tourists in interactive experiences that brought together food and nature. With this campaign, people could book a table that would be set up in the middle of the wilderness. You can also be met by a guide who would help you forage, catch, or fish for your ingredients, or book a Michelin star chef that would come out and then cook your food for you, right in nature.

Victoria’s Insights: It’s really interesting to turn what is usually a physical or video campaign into an activity itself. It worked both ways-- the visitors to the event were both the tourists and the promoters. 

Oregon: Only Slightly Exaggerated (Nikki, Senior Designer)

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy

Client: Oregon

Project Type: Tourism Campaign

Background: W+K veered away from typical tourism imagery that uses real-life photos and instead played in on Oregon’s magical attractions by turning them into Studio Ghibli-like animations 

Nikki’s Insights: For them, the spirit of Oregon can’t be captured on photos or film, and can only be expressed through illustration. It’s really interesting how this campaign is very imaginative and illustrative but still leaves the audience curious as to what Oregon would look like with their own eyes 

Leavenworth: The Charm of Bavaria (Ravleen, Senior Designer)

Agency: DEI Creative

Client: Leavenworth

Project Type: Tourism Campaign

Background: Reimagining a brand that the DEI team worked on nearly 18 years ago. In fact, DEI’s own story began in Leavenworth,  so partnering with  Leavenworth Area Promotions was a full-circle moment.  Tapping into the town’s iconic Bavarian theme and stunning mountainside setting, we crafted an identity to represent year-round recreation, nostalgic charm, and fun for all ages.

Ravleen’s Insights: I like how they maintained the charm of the old calligraphy style but still made the logo much more contemporary. The colors & the mountain shape are taken from the context of the city which I think is very smart, it creates a good connection between the brand and the physical place. I really like the use of L in patterns that are created around the brand, and the typography gives it a great connection with German architecture.

Sweden: More than an IKEA ____  (Grace, Business Development Analyst)

Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors / Stagwell 

Client: Sweden

Project Type: Tourism Campaign

Background: This campaign focused on IKEA products named after locations in Sweden and is reclaiming the names by showing tourists the real locations juxtaposed with the IKEA product.

Grace’s Insights: Forsman & Bodenfors / Stagwell took a really original approach to the problem of their country or smaller towns not showing up in web searches. This campaign is attention grabbing in a way that it frames “...more than an IKEA ______”. 

That’s it for this week’s edition of Design Roundup! Any cool projects we should be writing about? Feel free to drop us a line at if you spot anything we might like! 

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