We're people who like to see results.

We're engineers, growth nerds, startup savants and designers.

Zain Khan

Chief Executive Officer

My job is to find amazing people and give them every resource to do what they do best.

Matt Swulinski

Chief Marketing Officer

I lead our Growth team as we set out to maximize ROI across all marketing activities for our clients.

Victoria Gunell

Chief Creative Officer

I lead our design team to improve the connections and usability between people and your product.

Maxwell Matson

Growth Analyst

With strategic marketing insights driven by data, I help our clients smash revenue goals, and sustainably scale their business

Skyler Lam

Growth Analyst

I bring innovative ideas for revenue growth while excelling in the execution of full-scale growth marketing campaigns.

Alex O’Neil

Growth Analyst

I have a strong interest in consumer insights and am passionate in helping clients receive an accurate ROI through innovative data analysis.

Asha Hazelton

Growth Analyst

 I assist in developing and implementing growth marketing strategies that help companies reach their business objectives in an efficient and effective way.

Rhea Rachakonda

Senior Analyst

I'm focused on internal operations and processes, to help accelerate internal growth and development.

Pavel Machuca-Zavarzin


I work on the development team, focusing on building tools to make your company run better.

Yvonne Wu

Senior Analyst

I help develop and launch full-scale growth marketing strategies.

Alisha Shah

Senior Analyst

On a day to day basis I build Facebook, Google and Email marketing campaigns backed by data and contextual knowledge.

Masako Fukuchi


I create simple design solutions for clients. Through collaboration, I explore function, interaction, and narratives to create scalable value to your business.

David Kang

Senior Analyst

I manage data analytics, reports, and strategy while assisting with internal operations.

Lucas Schlötzer de Lucio

Lead Developer

I smash away on a keyboard and “make it work” by translating caffeine and sleep deprivation, into magic code.

Julio Casado

Growth Manager

I am a growth manager that specializes in B2B growth. I also lead our growth teaching and training initiatives.

Eric Overgaard

Data Analyst

I manage data analytics. Primarily, I design dashboards, keep tabs on ad performance, and other niche, data related reporting.

Duo Hong

Junior Developer

I help carry on development efforts by writing code for websites.

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