The Challenge

The Outcome

Prophet is a social trading platform that serves as a one-stop-shop for all things crypto and stocks. The platform aims to provide dedicated communities for assets that investors care about, as well as give them spaces to track, discuss, and make predictions. Prophet came to us to help them create a brand identity from scratch, as well as provide guidance on the UI/UX design of the platform.

Prophet wanted to set themselves apart and make trading more interactive – where stocks can be fun and gamified. With this in mind, we were able to come up with a playful character-based brand identity where users get to know Mino, a bull that guides you throughout the platform and takes you to the moon.

Project Scope

UI/UX Design, Brand Identity, Design Landing, Page Design

The Logo

The platform’s biggest feature is its prediction game, where investors who are able to predict a stock’s outcome correctly are given the chance to be a Prediction King or a “Prophet”. This logo uses an orb - which is often used to predict one’s future, and combines it with a stock trend to encapsulate what Prophet brings to the trading community.

The orb icon can be expanded even further to house different situations or environments related to the stock market, making it even more dynamic and interactive for users.

The Branding

Prophet’s team wanted their platform to be fun, not stuffy and rigid like most trading platforms out there. Rather than be just another FinTech app, Prophet wanted to focus on creating something that was easily accessible and friendly to new users. We came up with a brand identity that’s hinged on expressive geometric illustrations and bold colors, with themes from outer space that stem from famous phrases within the retail trader community like “to the moon”.

For typography, we also wanted to choose a typeface that wasn’t too geometrically perfect, but rather something with personality and quirks – hence Roc Grotesk being our primary typeface for the Prophet brand.

Because Prophet is a digital-first brand, we designed icons that could be used throughout the platform as buttons or chat reactions. Again, a variety of colors were utilized to add some life to an otherwise bland function of social apps.

To further explore how the brand identity all comes together, we also iterated on sample social media posts and ad creative. To coincide with their initial launch, we used engaging illustrations and alluring copy to draw interest in the platform.


While the Prophet team already had an initial UI/UX framework for their platform, we were tasked with expanding the  design to align with the new branding. We served as design consultants for the platform and worked closely with the Prophet team in making it more user-friendly and accessible, all while injecting the personality and playfulness of the fresh brand identity into the platform.

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