The Challenge

The Outcome

Pet-à-Porter is a flourishing niche market of luxury goods where like-minded pet owners mull over purchases of suede leashes, Steak Frites dog treats, and plush toys shaped like a Mercedes (“Furcedes”). Dogs and cats aren’t just pets, they’re extended family. We needed to create a website and assets around that idea.

We created a sleek, vintage-inspired asset collection and a simple website that allowed the products to speak for themselves.

Project Scope

UI Design, UX Design, Brand Strategy, Ad Design, Email Design

The Website

We wanted to create something that felt as luxurious as the products. We led with full-bleed illustrations of pampered, well-styled dogs. We knew the website shouldn’t be flashy, but rather an Aesop-esque, utilitarian utopia for well-designed products.

Ad and Email Design

Our ads and emails followed the same approach, with utilitarian-inspired, retro layouts and images. We used vintage celebrity pet photography and pet pun-driven language.

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