Perfect Storm

The Challenge

The Outcome

​Perfect Storm hadn’t made any major updates to their branding since the early 2000s, and it was no longer consistent with their product, a highly durable and insulated rainboot designed for all conditions. Their ad and email campaigns had started underperforming, and we suggested they undergo a complete identity redesign.

We created web and digital interfaces to work for both B2C and B2B audiences while sticking close to their existing brand identity.

Project Scope

Branding, Web Design, Ad Design, Email Design

The Brand Redesign

​We knew that their identity needed to be modern, fresh, and family-oriented, but we didn’t want to sacrifice their outdoorsy style. While we originally presented ideas that were distant from their existing logo, in the end we decided to update their signature storm icon in an effort to not lose any of their existing brand recognition.

​Their existing logo featured their dual tone “Storm” icon and a stacked logo in a custom typeface. The shape of the logomark itself didn’t lend itself well to online applications, like favicons and profile pictures, nor did it feel as clean and strategic as their product itself. We wanted to simplify the logo, as well as provide it in many different formats, both stacked and horizontal form.

​We presented many different logo options, but eventually decided on an updated version of their existing one. It’s more symmetrical, fits better in round or square applications, but doesn’t take away from the feeling of movement that disappeared in perfectly circular versions. Because it also relies on only one color, it’s easily added to the boot design and rubber stamping without distorting its’ identity.

The Process

​Whenever we begin our brand redesign process, we always start with a much broader “aesthetic” conversation. Rather than just bring moodboards to you, we like to show what your product might look like in those moodboards. Even though the final result often deviates from the options, it provides a better jumping off point to discussing what you think your brand should look like. To start our process, we presented the client with three different “directions” for the brand. We ended up settling on a combination of the second and third of the three options.

The Website

After deciding on the branding, we began the website redesign.

Dropdown Nav

Because of how many different types of boots Perfect Storm offers, we knew we needed to add in a drop down navigation that showed all of the categories at once, plus a spot to feature seasonal or sale collections

Tech Specs

​We also knew that the homepage needed to feature details about what made the boots special, and do so in a way that was self-led rather than information vomit. We created a clickthrough section to allow people to switch through different styles and click on parts of the boot that interest them.

Reimagined Collections

​Instead of sticking to a traditional shop page, we wanted to create a space to talk about all of the different boot styles, and what makes each special. Before you see the product shots (and colorways) of the boots in each style, you’re met with an overview.

Ads and Emails

Here’s a demonstration on how the new branding applied to ads, emails, and promotional materials.

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