Nature Based Olive Oil

Logo & Identity, Packaging

We created branding, assets, and illustrations for an olive oil brand.

The Project

We were tasked to design the brand identity and packaging of Nature Based Olive Oil, a small business based on Southern California that markets their olive oil exclusively at local farmer’s markets.

The Branding

Nature Based Olive Oil wants to give people the warm feeling and sunshine that Southern California has to offer. Nature Based needs a fun, approachable brand that’s able to stand out at local farmer’s markets and appeal to young home cooks and professional chefs alike.

The brand identity we came up with for Nature Based uses a warm color palette that’s comforting yet bold. Taking cues from the different flavor infusions that Nature Based has to offer, its color palette ranges from poppy hues, to chili reds, sunshine yellow, and of course olive green.

The illustration style adds a fun touch to the brand, and is remniscient of SoCal’s Orange Sunshine Era while still being modern and trendy.

The Packaging

Rustic, traditional olive oil bottles paired with our quirky and vibrant branding makes for eye-catching packaging.

In line with Nature Based Olive Oil’s mission to lessen their carbon footprint, we came up with the idea to print the labels directly on the bottles so as to not contribute to paper or plastic waste. While too pretty to throw away, customers can either upcycle the bottles into vessels for dried flowers or return the bottles to any of their Farmers Market stalls for a discounted refill.

The Merchandise

As some form of organic marketing, we designed tote bags and shirts for the olive oil brand as well so it continues to live on outside of their olive oil products. We designed the shirts and tote bags to be trendy enough to use for any occassion, not just for quick trips to the Farmers Market

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