The Challenge

The Outcome

Logitech had already launched their UE Custom In-Ear Monitors, and while it’s high price point and incredible customization abilities had gained traction amongst performers, they didn’t have a product for a typical user. We were brought on to help with the launch of UE Fits, a new Logitech product devoted to a wider consumer base.

Utilizing the UE Fits unique branding, we created a full suite of assets for launch, from animated ads to emails. We also consulted on branding, videos, and general creative.

Project Scope

Ad Design, Email Design, Consulting (UI/UX Strategy), Web Design, Branding

Ad Design

Over the course of a few weeks, we created a set of over 150 ads for the line, ranging from static assets to carousels to gifs and video. 

Our goal was to create a well-rounded batch of assets with everything needed to test campaign performance. We used a mixture of content (people vs. no people, basic product shots vs, stylized assets, etc). We even prepared copy variations, and versions of the same ads with and without copy. We wanted to ensure we had enough creative to capture a broad range of audiences.

Email Design

We worked with the UE FIts team to create email templates and various one-off emails for both post-launch and the pre-launch referral campaign.

UI/UX Optimization

Beyond the physical deliverables of ads, emails, and various creative assets, we also worked to advise on UI/UX strategy for their website pages. We took their latest designs, marked our suggestions for improving the UX, and then created alternative models for each of their pages. The process was intentionally iterative - we don’t believe in just spewing feedback, we like to make incorporating feedback as easy and as efficient as possible.

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