KJ Media

The Challenge

The Outcome

KJ Media is a full service agency specializing in the trucking industry. Their mission is to ensure transportation companies are able to maximize their driver recruitment process, through customized digital campaigns that attract and retain top talent. We were approached to complete a redesign of their website, so that it felt modern and refreshed, while still staying true to their industry.

While still feeling masculine and incorporating images of their space, we created a modernized version of their website. The result was a brighter, more streamlined website, focused on presenting their unique services to the trucking industry.

Project Scope

UI Design, UX Design, Web Strategy, Wordpress Development

The Approach

We began with a competitive audit of other brands in their space. Our goal was to understand what the more successful competitors did differently, what each brand did to set itself apart, and to identify gaps that we saw on the other websites so we could make sure that gap was met on KJ Media’s. 

We used this audit to develop a list of items we wanted to improve or include on the website, as well as creating a new website architecture.

Current Website Sitemap
Our Proposed Sitemap

After our discovery phase was complete, we created two distinct moodboards to pitch to the client. We typically do this when we start a website design so that the client has a say-so in the design before the project even begins.

The Design

After the moodboard was selected, and the architecture was approved, we moved onto wireframing the design. This step in the process is key for the team to see what the overall structure of each page will look like, and provide feedback on areas where they feel content may be excessive or lacking.

Then, the high-fidelity designs before we moved onto developing the wordpress website. We took special care to ensure the designs were well integrated into their builder of choice, while still preserving back-end functionality for the internal team.


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