The Challenge

The Outcome

Karshev is an exclusive, India-based jeweller that spans multiple generations. For Karshev, jewelry has the unique power to tell a story and make moments unforgettable. Karshev approached us to design a completely new website for their company, a website that would let Karshev continue telling the meaningful history behind each piece of jewelry.

We created an immersive website that was elegant and clean, while really putting the spotlight on Karshev’s beautiful jewelry.

Project Scope

Website Design, Webflow Development

The Website

Karshev wanted an immersive website that was elegant and straightforward. What made the website unique is that it wasn’t meant to sell jewelry, but rather to pique interest and get its audience to book a private showing with Karshev. We wanted to emphasize the jewelry with minimal disruption from the website navigation, keeping the functionality simple and touchpoints from the user low.

With calming background music that plays throughout your visit and gorgeous, full-bleed photos, the website truly immersed its audience and told the story of Karshev from start to finish. Set up like a slideshow, just as much importance was put on the craftsmanship behind their pieces as the final products themselves, and the viewer can see that journey as they click through the site.

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