InMode Aesthetic Technologies

The Challenge

The Outcome

InMode is a leading global provider of medical technologies. We redesigned their B2C website, their internal tool for sales leaders and medical professionals, and created ads, emails, and other miscellaneous promotional assets.

We created web and digital interfaces to work for both B2C and B2B audiences while sticking close to their existing brand identity.

Project Scope

Web Design, Ad Design, Email Design

Ads, Emails, and Promotional Assets

We created B2B Facebook ads showcasing InMode’s proprietary medical technologies, emails detailing upcoming events and LinkedIn ads to demonstrate the clinically-proven, peer reviewed results. The biggest challenge we faced was the inability to show any before and after results on Facebook– as well as content guidelines that prevented the use of most body after imagery.

We also created B2C social assets for various platforms that focused on InMode’s representative, Paula Abdul, as well as transformative results.

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