Harvest Seasonal Skincare

Logo & Identity, Packaging, UI/UX

Clean skincare that changes with the seasons.

The Project

We were tasked to create the brand identity, packaging, and web design of a clean seasonal skincare brand.

The Branding

Harvest Seasonal Skincare is a unique concept that sells facial oils made with local, seasonal, and organic materials. Because Harvest only uses the best of what the season has to offer, customers get the highest quality skincare exlusive to the season.

We wanted to translate this brand mission into a timeless and modern identity that’s remniscient of scientific illustrations and doctor’s prescriptions. We brought in colors that remind us of fall, winter, summer, or spring as well as hyper-realistic illustrations of the ingredients each product has. The logo is a simple wordmark that lets the illustrations and colors speak for themselves, but is still able to tie in all elements perfectly.

This branding translates smoothly onto the website design, which makes use of beautiful photography and an elegant layout to give a premium, high-quality feeling.

The Packaging

With bottles that remind one of vintage apothecaries, Harvest translates their cruelty-free, clean, and organic product into its minimalist packaging. We wanted to make something that customers would be proud to showcase on their bathroom counter, and is still able to evoke the feeling that each season gives.

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