The Challenge

The Outcome

We created the branding and digital assets for Geoverse, the largest neutral host provider in the United States.

We created a complete brand and design system that carried across SIM cards, packaging, decks, ads, and emails.

Project Scope

Brand Design, UI Design, Packaging Design

The Brand Redesign

When we began working with Geoverse in 2018, they had recently been acquired by ATN International. They hadn’t spent much time thinking about their identity, and all they had in place was a simple logo. 

We knew we needed to create something that felt forward-thinking and futuristic, but that had grounded B2B and corporate qualities. The end result was a hyper-modern logomark, paired with a light, condensed logotype that complemented the rounded shapes of the logomark.

Color Palette

We decided to use green because it stood out from the other recognizable colors in the telecommunications space. We knew the big brands were red, blue, pink, and yellow. Green allowed us to standalone as a separate player. We also opted for a dark background across all touchpoints, creating a more futuristic look that allowed content to pop, while simultaneously breaking away from the corporate look that it might have otherwise fallen into.

The Logo

​The logo is complemented by a flowy— yet still geometric— mesh pattern. While retaining a digital nature, this element combines texture, light, technology, and space to command a strong, recognizable identity that feels both accessible and futuristic. The brandmark is also a play on the new ‘wave’ of connectivity.

Customer Touchpoints

Here’s what the branding looked like on trade show materials, employee merchandise, ads, SIM Cards, and packaging.

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