FairSmile Dental Financing

The Challenge

The Outcome

A large, fortune 500 pharmaceutical company wanted to test the legitimacy of a consumer-facing dental financing product. We were brought on to help them launch a smoke test with a landing page, ad creative, and email collection capabilities to test interest and product viability.

We created a bright, fun, and eye-catching design system in a two-week timeline; as well as designed the ads, landing pages, and emails used to test launch the product.

Project Scope

Branding, Web Design, Ad Design, Email Design

The Concept

If our main goal was gauging consumer interest in a product, then functionally, the design needed to capture intrigue. We aimed to create something that would stand out on a social media feed, but that also felt complete and robust enough to gain trust. We decided to base the style around bubbly, 3D illustrations. 

We combined these assets with bright colors and legible, rounded typography to convey the ease-of-use and simplicity of the product concept. 

The Assets

We created B2C ads that utilized the illustrations and short, quippy pieces of copy to catch attention on a social media feed.

Our B2B ads utilized the same visual language, but featured dentist and medical imagery to gauge interest of dental offices to sign up for the platform and allow their patients to finance dental procedures through it. 

The last step in our process was to create landing pages for both patients and doctors, with tailored information about how Fair Smile works. 

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