Fair Smile Dental Financing

Logo & Identity, Ad Design, UI/UX

We built a dental financing smoke test in 2 weeks.

The Project

We were tasked with creating the branding and marketing strategy for a Smoke Test on a dental financing program.

Ad Design: We created Facebook, Google, Instagram, and LinkedIn ads.

Landing Page Design: We created dentist and patient landing page designs.

How did we choose this aesthetic?

Dentistry and finance are both pretty sterile. Part of smoke testing is gathering interest. If we wanted people to be interested in something that combines the two of those, especially when the product doesn’t exist yet, it needed to be inviting. Borderline trendy, even.

How did we choose this aesthetic?

It did. We saw surprising levels of engagement. The project has now been taken back internally to be finalized within the business model.

How did we choose this aesthetic?

We met with the client team 1x a week. We broke up our project into a series of different deliverables, each were sent via Figma to the client once completed. This allowed their team to give us comments and feedback in-flow during the process; the recurring meeting gave us a consistent time to overview goals and next steps.

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