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We redesigned an investment management application.


​Evati is an upstart, fast-growing investment management application. Similar to other popular fintech platforms Wealthfront and Stash, it takes user’s savings in the app to invest for them in order to reach their financial objectives. With a powerful algorithm backed by Morningstar Investment Management’s portfolio models, it is able to help its users save money towards the goals they want.

First Steps

​We knew that the biggest issue in the existing application was its user flow. It required written, on-screen explanations of different buttons; had a complicated on-boarding; and overall worked more as a content dumping ground than as a cohesive and seamless application. With so many fintech competitors on the market, we knew this one needed to both avoid friction and instill trust.

The first step in our process was having every person on the project sit down, create an account, and try out the app. We had everyone note down their pain points when they tried to use it, and made sure we completed every possible flow. Afterwards, everyone shared their experiences and we mapped out each action. We found that project members who had no context on the app had almost no idea what the purpose of it was, and even those who had context were aware of what the app was supposed to do, but were left with questions. We made a list of the most important changes we needed to make:

  1. The walkthrough needed to explain the functionality of the app.
  2. Account setup needed to occur alongside account creation — at sign up.
  3. The app needed to be modernized, brighter, and more playful.

The Redesign

New Onboarding Flow

​The main thing we knew we weren’t going to change was the purple color palette. We had a few reasons for this: it was client preference, it was different than other fintech apps, and we didn’t want to lose all recognizability for existing users. Here’s the breakdown of the changes:

  1. Create a type style guide so that headings and body copy size stayed the same throughout the app.
  2. Brighten the purple (user testing showed us that it came off as happier and preferred).
  3. Added scrolling content in the sign up/sign in screen with a dot progress bar.
  4. Added Illustrations, which we carried into the website, presentation templates, and other branded materials for cohesiveness.
  5. ​Made the language more friendly.

New Goal Process

​The biggest change was simplifying the goal creation process. We took a twelve-step process and made it into three. Here’s what else we did:

  1. Added content to the home screen that guides the user towards creating a goal rather than giving no direction.
  2. Added illustration as image options in the goal design process.
  3. Cleaned up button and text sizing.
  4. Made the language more friendly.

Key Takeaways

Making a more friendly & less stressful interface.

Finance can be stressful and intimidating. We wanted the look and feel of the app to be the opposite.

Taking out the guesswork of the process.

An application that allows so many different options and customizability can be overwhelming. Breaking up the onboarding and breaking up the goal creation into separate, labeled, and tracked steps helped decrease friction by lowering user cognitive load.

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