The Challenge

The Outcome

The company is an upstart, fast-growing investment management application. Similar to other popular fintech platforms Wealthfront and Stash, it helps users invest in order to reach their financial objectives. With a powerful algorithm backed by Morningstar Investment Management’s portfolio models, it let users save specifically towards pre-set goals

We overhauled their previous design in order to create a design that made the app much more user friendly. We added a more clear onboarding system, more legible fonts, brighter colors, and an illustration system to guide through the platform.

Project Scope

UI Design, UX Design, Brand Strategy

The Approach

To decide what our priorities would be in the re-design, we all downloaded the existing application and set up multiple accounts, testing out different features and different sign-up methods. From there, we decided that the biggest issue in the existing application was its user flow. It required written, on-screen explanations of different buttons; had a complicated on-boarding; and overall worked more as a content dumping ground than as a cohesive and seamless application. With so many fintech competitors on the market, we knew this one needed to both avoid friction and instill trust.

The Goals

The main thing we knew we weren’t going to change was the purple color palette. We had a few reasons for this: it was client preference, it was different than other fintech apps, and we didn’t want to lose all recognizability for existing users. Here’s the breakdown of the changes:

  1. Create a type style guide so that headings and body copy sizing stayed consistent throughout the application.
  2. Brighten the purple (user testing a/b later proved this was the right decision)
  3. Added scrolling content in the sign up/sign in screen with a dot progress bar to give users an overview of the app.
  4. Added Illustrations, which we carried into the website, presentation templates, and other branded materials for cohesiveness.
  5. Made the language more friendly.

Splash Screen

Before: Vague description, Gloomy shade of purple, Template-looking buttons

After: Added in an auto-scrolling carousel for more infromation about the app, lightened and brightened the color, swapped the triangular pattern for a gradient, changed the font to a friendlier typeface


Before: Template-looking onboarding that didn’t look trustworthy or legitimate.

After: Simplified walkthrough, made firiendlier with brighter colors and illustration.

Home Screen

Before: No way for users know what to do next, very bland user interface, little emphasis on the main point of the app, savings and account information

After: Added our new purple gradient to make the home screen seem more on brand, added arrows and larger text to draw attention to the account changes, added an illustration and instructions to prompt users to set up their app, added a welcome message to the user

Key Takeaways

Our goal was to make an app that was both visually appealing and highly functional. The guiding principle was making sure that the finance-related data and information would be digestible and never stressful. We focused on two things: making things more friendly and focusing on segmentation. To make things more “friendly” by doing things like brightening the colors, adding illustration, and changing the language. Breaking up the onboarding and breaking up the goal creation into separate, labeled, and tracked steps helped decrease friction by lowering user cognitive load.

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