Eat Offbeat

The Challenge

The Outcome

Eat Offbeat started as a catering company, created by refugee chefs to serve , serving large party-style meals for prestigious events across New York City. WBut, when the pandemic hit, however, and events were shut down and , universities were no longer in-person., Eat Offbeat as a result suffered due to the lack of in-person event planning. In order to combat this, we came up with an idea to pivot them to an online subscription model, offering monthly meal boxes with rotating regional menus.

We created ads, emails, landing pages, and packaging to build and market this idea, working with Eat Offbeat for several months to create templates and guides for different monthly chefs, Holiday box specials, and featured foods.

Project Scope

Email Design, Ad Design, Landing Page Design, Packaging Design

The Design System

In order to keep a cohesive identity, and to easily create monthly systems of emails, ads, and landing pages, we created wanted creating these designs to be as simple as possible. We created a drag-and-drop style repository of assets within Figmafigma, so both our team and the client’s team could quickly and efficiently create beautiful assets that remained consistent.

The Ads

We created bright, colorful designs, used playful stickers and patterns, and cut-out style food imagery, resulting in ads that were impossible to miss on your social media feed. This would help spur our marketing push and in turn grow the online user base.

The Emails

We used the same approach for of the emails, but always included all of the dishes featured in a monthly mealbox to further attract subscribers into continuing to utilize the new service.

The Landing Pages

To create full-funnel, consistent designs, we also created matching landing pages for different meal boxes, promotions, and holidays that could be used across Eat Offbeat’s promotional materials and generate new subscriptions.

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