Andrea Gomez

Branding, Website Redesign & Marketing Design

We redesigned the website and created ad designs for a shoe company that focuses on versatile footwear for the modern woman.

The Project

Andrea Gomez’s philosophy is twofold: to create a refined, versatile wardrobe of shoes, while striking a balance between trend and true, lasting style and a wish to provide essential resources to children in need from Andrea’s native Venezuela.

The project was focused on redesigning Andrea Gomez’s website to help decrease the number of bounce rates on the site.

With the redesign, we aimed to improve the user experience on the site while building brand recognition for their luxe shoe collection and driving more traffic.

Site mapping

It was important that the new site design bolstered brand recognition.

Celebrity stylists are huge fans of Andrea Gomez shoes, and her styles can be found in red carpet photoshoots

During the initial stages of development, we decided to include an “As Seen In” page, a dedicated place where these publicity photos would live.

However, it was also important that the brand was ultimately recognized for its philanthropic efforts, so we designed a  page devoted to the Stepping Up Project, an effort to donate 15% of proceeds to frontline health workers for every shoe purchased.

Desktop Design

The homepage served to move the brand story forward and make a lasting impression. The best way to do that was to build a gallery-like grid navigation system to showcase the stunning collection of editorial images that defines the timeless style of Andrea Gomez shoes.

The collections pages didn’t have a filtering system, despite a large collection of styles so we designed a sticky side bar filtering system that allowed users to browse by various styles.

The product page allows for an easy browsing experience and includes more opportunities to discover products at the bottom of the page.

Mobile Design

The grid-based, modular design scales well across different types of devices, so content is easily interchangeable and movable should the site be updated with new content.

Filtering and navigation are still scalable on mobile screens, and the product page is mobile-friendly and features a sticky add-to-cart button.

Marketing Design

We also created a series of ads, emails, and landing pages to increase conversions to the website.

Ads were designed for all relevant social media platforms with the goal of being engaging and interactive.

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