Prospect NY

Case Study

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Building a Strategy

Facebook Ads:

Our focus was building new audiences by crafting ad creative that was enticing and informative, while testing various audiences to find who best responded to the Prospect brand and the products we were showcasing.

Google Ads:

We restructured the Google Ads account, strategizing the keywords we were planning to use, and used both Google Search and Google Shopping campaigns to build a search audience, and help those who have been targeted by our facebook ads to stay within the funnel on Google.

Email Marketing:

Using the Shopify-integrated platform, we transitioned Prospect onto Klaviyo, creating email flows and campaigns that were well designed (through our in-house design team). We created a tailored welcome email series, to send to all the potential consumers, as well as an abandoned cart series that can be molded to each sale, campaign, or promotion that we’re planning to run.


When we began working with Prospect NY, they were preparing to relaunch their website, and wanted our expertise to help their newly developed site flourish online. From the first meeting, we wanted to be aligned on goals, and setting OKRs that are informative, showing our progress, was crucial. Auditing their previous facebook ads, google ads, and email marketing showed us the pain points for them in reaching their ideal consumers, and began to craft a strategy to bring in people that we weren’t able to reach thus far.


The Results

Google Ad Return on Ad Spend (ROAS):


Showing that Prospect is making close to 10x they’re spending on Google Advertising.

Email Marketing 

(Open Rate)

40% +

Showing that over 40% of people engaged with our email marketing flows, when before there was almost no re-engagement of potential customers.

Facebook Return on Ad Spend (ROAS):


Showing that for every dollar Prospect is spending on its facebook advertising, they’re making close to $8.

Core Learnings

Email marketing is still one of the most reliable performers for any e-commerce brand.

Return on Investment of 7+ is all about the creative.

The Hannah Candle

Building creative & copy that’s contextual to our customers and where they are in their journey with the brand helped take us from 1.5x ROAS to 8.8x ROAS.

Providing a high-touch experience when people join your list to when they get their first order in their hands through email, helped us skyrocket Prospect’s revenue.

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Too far!

On-going Optimizations + Journey Forward

Every client is different and growth has very little to do with one-off successes or slam dunk tactics.  Growth Marketing is the culmination of weeks and months of brainstorming new ideas and trying them out to see what works and scrapping what doesn’t. 

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