Youtube Shorts Drive-Thru


At VidCon 2022, YouTube Shorts created an interactive, drive-thru experience where atendees could order food curated by their favorite creators.


Experiential, Restaurant

Services we provided

  • Branding
  • UI/UX

The Project

We created the physical drive-thru ordering screens. These screens were large, touchscreen interfaces about 4 feet in height. Designing for this interactivity meant being mindful of things like the location of button placements, the legibility of text, and the ease of use.

The Goal

The goal was to create an experience that was seamless enough to keep the lines moving quickly, engaging enough to generate buzz, and organzied enough so that every atendee, no matter how large their group, received their own branded bag with their own particular order and goodies.

The Process

After creating the detailed user flow for the experience, we created many different iterations and design styles so that we could explore what the experience might look like. While we had some elements of the design already established by the YouTube team, like the yellow and red color palette, there was room to explore in a lot of the UI elements.

Front End Designs

We began by developing many different styles and iterations, you can see some of these samples below. We did this by taking two of the screens from the flow (home and ordering) and designing different styles around that. Once a style was selected, we built the rest of the screens.

Back End Design

After designing the ordering screens, we worked with the MAS team to create the back of house design. We began with a user flow to label and group the information that would be needed by BoH staff, such as the car number, the time since the order was placed, and the status. Outside of these elements, the BoH design also needed to have the ability to modify meals, change the creators that were shown on screen, and edit stock and availability. You can see the architecture in the gallery below.

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