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The Challenge

WizLife is a life insurance company based in Canada that approached us to create a whole new brand identity in time for their launch. Because WizLife planned on expanding down the road to provide more than just life insurance, we had to create a brand identity that was timeless, adaptable, and applicable to a wide range of age groups.

The Outcome

We designed a character-based brand identity that visualized WizLife’s mission of providing peace of mind and efficient service to its customers.

Iterating on a logo

Knowing that WizLife was going to expand eventually to provide more than just life insurance, we iterated on logos that would be easily adaptable to whatever WizLife was offering. We kept it simple by focusing mainly on wordmarks, but landed on a logo that had the added quirk of a cursive “i” to show how just like cursive is written with a quick and steady hand, WizLife provides fast and efficient service to its customers. 

The Illustration Style

Tying in with WizLife’s mission, these friendly characters are amorphous, fluid, and give off a calm energy. It feels impervious to damage but soft and malleable, therefore able to protect and give comfort much like WizLife’s offerings. Seeing these characters in the WizLife brand whether it’s through the website or social media posts will send a message to customers that WizLife is for everyone -- it’s accessible and easy to use, not daunting and complicated. 

We started our process by drafting simple blob-shaped illustrations while still integrating the WizLife “i” icon into the illustration. After multiple iterations, we decided that the simple circular blob with the curved i as the icon’s hair would be the most recognizable and universal for the brand. With this illustration, the brand would be able to manipulate the icon for the use of a variety of branded mediums.

The Typography

We settled on primary and secondary typefaces that were minimalist and neutral in order to let the bright colors and illustrations speak for themselves.

Putting everything together

Once we nailed down all the brand elements, we worked on putting everything together through style frames that showcased WizLife’s brand identity via social media posts, ads, merchandise, and printed material.

All of these elements came together through a brand guideline that we built for WizLife – this guide would be able to help them keep the new WizLife identity cohesive especially as it begins to expand. 

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