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KJ Media

KJ Media is a niche marketing agency that focuses on the trucking industry



Services we provided

  • Web Design

The Project

KJ Media works with large trucking companies and conglomerates to help them market themselves and recruit drivers. The team had an existing Wordpress website, but wanted a pretty extensive overhaul, on both the user experience and branding.

Creating a website for a unique niche

User Flow & Moodboarding

Since this was an overhaul rather than a redesign, we began with creating the user flow to define the new site architecture. We then created moodboards to narrow in our discussions around aesthetics for the new website.

Creating the Wires

The KJ media selected the first moodboard and wanted to move in a masculine direction, utilizing strong imagery and bold type to define the identity. This guided the wires, even before moving to the design.

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