Branding for a Natural Wine Brand


Tidepool is a conceptual project for a natural wine brand.


CPG, Food & Beverage

Services we provided

  • Branding
  • Packaging

The Client

Tidepool is a conceptual natural wine bar and product made to change how we think about beach drinks. Wine is often placed into two separate buckets: boxed wine for college kids, that you never, ever want to drink again; and the fancy stuff, fastidious about temperature and pour and methodology.

The Goal

This is something different. Naturally produced, and easy. We’re taking wine back to its roots, its 8000-year-old roots, actually, that began with picking fruits, laying them to rest in ceramic vessels, and giving them back to the earth to turn them into something better than the sum of its parts. The barely-post-ice-age-technique, but also the right now, trendy technique. We make wine that drinks like beer. Pull it out of your tote bag on the beach and share it with your friends. Cool it down by sticking it in a bucket with some June temperature ocean water or just hide it from the heat by wrapping it up in your beach dress. Not at all finicky, not at all complicated. Just what your beach day should be.

Obvious & Simple

There’s nothing complicated about the packaging, either. Pick your favorite flavor and throw it in your bag. They all taste like Summer.

The Process

After understanding the initial concept, a relaxed beach brand, we began to build the other pieces of the identity around it. We wanted to create something that evoked a bit of casual nostalgia, but had the simplicity of a current brand.

Take a look and see what you think.

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