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Klyxx Creative: How We Went from Passion Project to a 7-Figure Agency, Conclusion

Series Installment Subtitle: Where We’re Going


As seen by our CEO, Zain Khan

What makes full stack growth marketing uniquely effective? Integration. The vertical integration of growth, design, development, operations, sales and data creates a well-oiled machine that’s primed for success. I’ve talked a lot in our first three installments about my organizational processes, growth philosophy and strategy. For a change of pace, and to give you some insight on the future of Klyxx Creative, I’m going to let the incredible people that lead our departments tell you in their own words what their goals are, and how we intend to get there.


As seen by our Chief Marketing Officer, Matt Swulinski

Growth Marketing is and always has been the core pillar of Klyxx Creative. Each of the other arms of our business originate from our growth mentality and approach when engaging with clients. What began as a two-man growth tag team (Zain & Matt) has grown to two dozen people as we have expanded from working with small seed stage startups to $100bn+ Fortune100 companies. Since we work in a broad spectrum of industries, we have the unique capability to leverage learnings and insights not only from tangentially similar businesses, but also from widely disparate companies, allowing us to pivot and ideate incredibly quickly in light of the changing marketplace (COVID-19 was a great example of this, this year).

Throughout the years we have also grown from being a strictly service-oriented business, to teaching about growth marketing and validating business ideas for VC firms, Venture Pods, and internal corporate innovation arms. These changes have allowed us to partner with investors and entrepreneurs, working with them to anticipate potential growth hurdles or even vetting marketing potential for investment opportunities.

As we continue to grow, we see ourselves expanding the breadth of industries that we touch and scaling the impact that we leave. We’ve even started building a venture pod of our own, where we are building companies from the ground up in industries we identify that have the potential for significant disruption.


As seen by our Chief Marketing Officer, Matt Swulinski and our Data Analyst, Eric Overgaard

Data has always been a central focus point at Klyxx. We utilize data to make almost every decision both internally and for our clients. When we first started, reporting was done straight out of the ad managers with spreadsheets. Since then, we have developed an ETL process and created a dedicated database that allows us to store and analyze all of our data in one place. We’ve also introduced visualization tools such as Data Studio, Mode, and Looker to create more insightful and easy to comprehend dashboards for the growth team and our clients.

With the growth of the data team, we’ve also been able to focus on the nitty gritty of data collection for our clients, ensuring we don’t miss a single insight. We’ve established various tracking and naming standards which ensure the highest level of data availability and cleanliness to help the growth team and our clients stay informed and make the best decisions possible.


As seen by our Chief Creative Officer, Victoria Gunell

The past few years for design at Klyxx have been about figuring out our core processes and making sure they’re scalable. In the early days of Klyxx, we focused our design offerings strictly on growth-related processes like ad, email, and landing page design. In time, we eventually branched out into larger scale offerings like fully-developed websites and brand identity projects that were entirely isolated from growth. This diversity of offerings has led to a goal of design diversity in our designers as well— rather than hiring groups of specialists and forcing them to mesh their skills together, we focus on finding well-rounded designers that are just as comfortable using an existing brand to create a promotional flyer as they are creating a brand identity from scratch.

This focus on big-picture understanding rather than piecemeal expertise is what helps us make sure that we’re keeping in mind every physical application of our clients’ brands, whether that’s in your packaging, one google ad, an email for a sale, or the advice we are giving to your team on content creation. It’s important to us that our client’s brands are at the forefront of every growth decision, not just the ones that involve a creative ask.


As seen by our Lead Engineer, Lucas Schlötzer de Lucio

Design and development at Klyxx are in constant conversation and the end result of a project relies heavily on the balancing act between the two. At Klyxx we have mastered this interaction to get stunning designs built quickly while also taking the time to make sure they’re robust. We see the future bringing design and development even closer together as we continue to push the envelope of bleeding edge design that is also feasible in the real world. Development is a huge part of what we do and we have been expanding our team in accordance with the growing workload.


As seen by our Growth Manager, Julio Casado

Our business is built on relationships. Our relationships with each other as colleagues, our relationships with our clients, and our relationships with our partners. Our growth is a result of our partner relationships with Venture Capital firms, Startup Accelerators, Co-working spaces, and more. By working together with these partners, we help them evaluate their portfolio companies to recommend and execute on growth strategies based on the company’s specific needs. From e-commerce to SaaS, we are able to align the company’s growth goals with t

heir organizational, team, and fundraising goals. By working in tandem with our clients and partners, we amplify the impact of the collective. Because of this, our partners regularly refer companies in their portfolio to us. We hold each referral in high regard and work to deliver outstanding results for all parties involved.

What does this mean for sales?

Rather than doing direct sales to individual companies, we focus on building relationships with larger organizations that have multiple entities under their purview that are interested in growth and experimentation. This approach allows us to build more sustainable relationships and pipelines. As our partners trust us more and more to deliver results, they refer to us bigger and bigger opportunities. We scale on the strength of our relationships and our ability to deliver outstanding results for all.

Internal Operations

As seen by one of our Senior Analysts, Rhea Rachakonda

Operations is a less glamorous but incredibly crucial department in any company, especially a rapidly growing company like Klyxx. From its conception, we’ve made sure to keep our employee processes top of mind, bringing in the Scrum method to keep productivity high and keep bureaucratic lag as low as possible. Additionally, our CEO Zain has always prioritized making sure that all work is given the appropriate credit, and implemented a monthly bonus system to make sure all employees feel the impact of their work.

In the time since the COVID-19 outbreak, our processes have evolved to ensure that we’re able to function just as well when we’re remote as when we’re working together in-person, introducing software to make sure communication runs smoothly and people are able to get and give context as efficiently as if they were in-office.

Simultaneously, we made sure to bring social interactions to the forefront,

so people didn’t lose sight of the bigger picture: that we’re all people working together towards a common goal. Moving forward, we’re going to be once again revamping many of our core processes as we scale, ensuring that all of our employees are set up to do the very best that they can at Klyxx.

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