September 28, 2022
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Design Roundup 001: Brand Identity Design

As a team of lifelong learners, the designers (and even non-designers) here at Klyxx are constantly inspired by the design projects we see out in the world. From impactful brand identities to cool interactive sites, to projects we like from the companies we admire, this new series aims to put all our learnings into writing and give readers a glimpse of what we’re into right now. 

P.Y.E. Optics (Victoria, CEO)

Agency: P.Y.E. Design Team

Client: P.Y.E.

Project Type: Branding

Background: P.Y.E’s in-house design team’s rebrand of the Russian eyewear company in 2018

Victoria’s Insights: I love the color palette and the sticker system. It feels so nostalgic and so child-like, yet there’s something mature about it too? Maybe the way they’ve deepened each of these really rudimentary, primary colors? I’ve been seeing so much retro/nostalgia-based branding lately but this is the first one that feels so emblematic of those memories that I feel like I scratch and sniff the stickers. 

Morphy Richards (Nikki, Senior Designer)

Agency: Otherway

Client: Morphy Richards

Project Type: Branding

Background: Morphy Richards is a home appliance brand founded in 1936 by Donal Morphy and Charles Richards. Though it’s been around for years, it’s starting to face tougher competition as newer appliance brands start to pop up – hence, the much needed rebrand.

Nikki’s Insights: There are a lot of home appliance stores out there with minimalist, millennial branding. Otherway took this as an opportunity to rebrand Morphy Richards in a way that alluded to the ever changing landscape while still keeping the personality and soul of the company. The choice of using two typefaces in the logo is meant to depict Morphy and Richards’ two distinct personalities, as well as the importance of form and function. The brand refresh is an interplay of minimalist, clean design and vibrant imagery – which goes to show that home appliances can never be boring.

DICE (Charles, COO)

Agency: In-house

Client: DICE

Project Type: Branding

Background: Dice is a ticketing platform app – it mainly targets smaller artists and concert venues i.e. not large festivals like Coachella, but rather DJ sets at edgy Brooklyn venues. 

Charles’ Insights: Steering away from today’s brand buzzwords like “generative” or “adaptive”, DICE’s in-house design team focused on making the brand more “fan made” to better align with their overall mission, which is to cater to hardcore music fans. Going back to the heart and soul of music by focusing on ruggedness and imperfections, the new logo (which doubles as a character) is meant to look like a stick-and-poke tattoo. The new color palette caught my eye as well because it really visualizes what it’s like to go out to a concert and not only feel the music but see the different colored lights.

Metalia Studio (Ravleen, Senior Designer)

Agency: Bandit Design Group

Client: Metalia Studio

Project Type: Branding, Website Design, Social Media 

Background: Metalia Studio is a body piercing studio based in Sydney that approached Bandit Design Group for a brand identity refresh in the midst of a business uplevel.

Ravleen’s Insights: Most piercing places/brandings have a very Gothic look and feel and this branding makes it super playful and exciting, helping it stand out from their competitors. The use of experimental typography and quirky shapes and colors blend so seamlessly with the imagery used – creating a very consistent style and aesthetic.

That’s it for this week’s edition of Design Roundup! Any cool projects we should be writing about? Feel free to drop us a line at if you spot anything we might like! 

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