Natural Springs Australia

Case Study

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Building a Strategy

The Website

The first thing that was updated across the board was the company design. The company was founded in the early 2000s and thus had a very dated and non mobile friendly experience. We tasked our design team to refresh the branding and redesign the whole site experience to be mobile first and reflect a pure, clean brand image just like their product. We chose Shopify as our platform of choice because it was easy to implement our new design with easy to scale e-commerce functionality.

Facebook Ads

Our focus at the beginning of our engagement was building ads on Facebook to build a full funnel- from Prospecting new audiences to retargeting audiences that we’ve already captured through other means. Building the funnel consisted of creating new ads and developing new audiences to expand our reach across Hong Kong.  

Google Ads

We restructured the Google Ads account, strategizing the keywords we were planning to use, and used Google Search campaigns to build a search audience, and help those who have been targeted by our Facebook ads to stay within the funnel on Google.

Email Marketing

Using the Shopify-integrated platform, we transitioned Natural Springs onto Klaviyo, creating email flows and campaigns that were well designed (through our in-house design team). We created a tailored Welcome email series, to send to all the potential consumers, as well as an abandoned cart series and other automated email flows that help us keep out customers engaged with the brand.


Natural Springs Australia is a water company that provides water origination for companies like Evian and other local water providers. In recent years they expanded to exporting their unique volcanic filtered water to Singapore and Hong Kong. The business started as a basic email and phone order system and we were tasked with launching a new e-commerce site experience to prepare their business for a online ad driven acquisition funnel.


The Results

Google Ad Return on Ad Spend (ROAS):


Showing that Natural springs is making close to $10 for every dollar of ad spend

Overall Revenue Growth


Overall, revenue numbers for NSA went from $45k HK in a month, to $200k HK in a month.

Facebook Return on Ad Spend (ROAS):


This means that for every dollar Natural Springs is spending on its Facebook advertising, they’re making close to $7

Core Learnings

Email marketing worked well and quickly became a big sales channel.

When this became apparent, we doubled down on using it as a channel for communication with our audience, by setting a regular email newsletters to educate our audience more and be a higher touch channel.

Emphasizing a healthy lifestyle in ads was great for clickthrough.

We tested different creative and copy across different audiences, and focused on creative that emphasized the healthy lifestyle and how Natural Springs fits into that, which has been performing well across our audiences.  

We built a referral strategy that worked.

When we first started with the company they were generating all their new customer acquisition via word of mouth and referrals. Due to our Shopify build out and clearly designed referral strategy we increased the rate of new customer acquisition by 330% over a 3 month period. This resulted in a month over month increase in revenue at an average rate of 40% over a 1 year period.

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On-going Optimizations + Journey Forward

Every client is different and growth has very little to do with one-off successes or slam dunk tactics.  Growth Marketing is the culmination of weeks and months of brainstorming new ideas and trying them out to see what works and scrapping what doesn’t. 

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