Branding and Illustration Case Study

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Project Background

In the process of building Private LTE solutions for various enterprise projects, Geoverse realized that a majority of leads and new deal requests were coming from VARs (Value-Added Resellers). In order to capitalize on this opportunity, we set out to build an interactive online portal and tool for these VARs to submit leads and request quotes for pricing for the NaaS (Network-As-A-Service) Geoverse offering. 

Partner Program

The partner portal and tools are currently live on On this initial screen an existing Geoverse VAR Partner can register for their own account in order to track their referred deals and request more quotes for various projects.


If a company is not currently a Geoverse Partner (this is identified in the email field, if a company domain is not an approved partner they will be directed to the Company Registration Page)  they have a way of submitting their information for sales to initiate a conversation around next steps. 


Once a company is an approved partner the approved domain on file will allow any sales team member from the company to register for a new account in the account creation page.

Submitting New Deal Registrations

On site we built a custom form that has all the required information the Geoverse Sale team needs in order to follow up with potential customers referred by VARs.

Requesting NaaS Pricing

On site we built a custom pricing tool that generates quotes based on what a project would need. The pricing data syncs live from a database in order to keep pricing up to date on site. 

Geoverse Sales Dashboard

This tool has also been built to be used by the Geoverse Sales team in order to keep track of all New Deal Registrations & NaaS quotes submitted by VARs and New Partner Registration Requests. 

About Geoverse

Geoverse is a world-class technology company empowering people with connectivity solutions that enrich peoples’ daily lives, drive digital inclusion, and contribute to a change for the better.


Headquartered in Bellevue, WA, Geoverse is a specialized mobile operator that builds, owns, and operates wireless assets for enterprise verticals, carriers, businesses, and consumers.   


On-going Optimizations + Journey Forward

We are continuing to monitor and catch bugs in the current tool, as well as adding more features to continuously improve the user experience.

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