Branding and Illustration Case Study

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Building a Strategy

When we began working with them, they had recently been acquired underneath the umbrella of ATN International, a billion dollar, publicly traded telecommunications company. They hadn’t yet spent much time thinking about their identity, and so we recommended an entire rebrand in order to improve customer recognition, credibility, on-boarding fluidity, and add a competitive edge.

Their Original Logo

We started by placing our focus on the logo, their previous version had been a quick fix a few years prior. We knew it needed to be something that looked futuristic, simple, and clean, as there were many instances that the logomark needed to appear very small, such as on sim cards, but still be interesting enough to standalone on places like cover images, trade show podiums, and corporate giveaways.

Our Logomark

In order to conceptualize the logo, we began thinking about what keywords we thought of, and how we thought of, their brand. We knew the product was invisible, but everywhere, we knew it was future-forward by allowing enterprises to IOT-enable their buildings, and we knew the fact that it supplies 5-bar service, in-buildings, meant that it had a ‘high-definition’ and clarity element to it. So, we decided on creating a 3-dimensional looking shape that would work in these ideas of everywhere but nowhere, future-forward, and high-definition.

New Logo:

Geoverse’s logomark uses a hyper-modern logomark— one that’s almost cloud-like, we would characterize it as futuristic, ethereal, and eye-catching. The logotype is a light, condensed font that complements the rounded shapes of the logomark. We left the letters all in lowercase, creating a more friendly and approachable look.

Color Palette

We decided to use green because it stood out from the other recognizable colors in the telecommunications space. We knew the big brands were red, blue, pink, and yellow. Green allowed us to standalone as a separate player. We also opted for a dark background across all touchpoints, creating a more futuristic look that allowed content to pop, while simultaneously breaking away from the corporate look that it might have otherwise fallen into.


The logo is complemented by a flowy— yet still geometric— mesh pattern. While retaining a digital nature, this element combines texture, light, technology, and space to command a strong, recognizable identity that feels both accessible and futuristic. The brandmark is also a play on the new ‘wave’ of connectivity.


Geoverse is one of the most recognized providers in the Private LTE space, and the largest neutral host provider in the US. In layman's terms, this means that they create private in-building networks, connecting your building or enterprise under a secure, robust network for private applications that’s supported by 5-bar coverage for both tenants and visitors. This platform allows for the integration of complex IoT networks, creating a seamless, high-tech experience that interconnects major mobile operators.



An Illustration System

Geoverse frequently needs illustrations in their presentations and whitepapers to explain various scenarios and use cases for their product. While in the beginning we had created one-off illustrations to satisfy these needs, it wasn’t scalable as their company, and requests, grew. So, we decided to create an illustraiton kit that would allow Geoverse to create their own scenes and mockups on their own, using a folder of pre-made assets. Here are just some of the icons we created.




Outdoor Tech

Misc. Outdoor

Misc. Factory

Small Scene Gifs

These could be combined to create gifs of particular scenes or details.

Larger City Models

Or, they could be combined to create mockups of larger towns or small cities, showing many parts working together.

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Too far!

On-going Optimizations + Journey Forward

As time goes on, we continue to do maintenance on their brand as well as create new assets such as business cards, corporate giveaways and 'swag', SIM cards, and other customer touchpoints. 

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