Beat The Bomb

Case Study

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Building a Strategy


While building the website for launch we enabled detailed conversion tracking on-site to track our whole acquisition funnel. We also launched A/B testing on messaging and site structure in order to maximize conversion rate.

Booking Software:

We selected Xola as the booking engine. An experiment we ran early on was to change the pricing structure such that people only had to pay a $1 deposit upfront (instead of full price), with their credit card on file to pay the rest after their experience on site. After running the experiment, we realized that allowing people to just pay a $1 deposit, we doubled the conversion rate overall, to 2%, and with the same budget we doubled their overall revenue booked.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing:

Our launch marketing strategy relied on two primary channels: Facebook Ads  & Google Ads. Paid Social was an even mix of Facebook & Instagram sponsored posts that were targeted to audiences that had an interest in arcade style experiences, escape the rooms, and team building exercises. We also leveraged Paid Yelp Ads to boost sales and get the first influx of reviews needed for credibility.


We have worked with Escape Rooms in the past, but Beat The Bomb approached the in-person game experience with a very unique twist. Beat The Bomb is the world's first paint blast team experience. Mixing escape rooms, immersive theater, & 80s movie endings, it is a 45-minute live immersive game experience for 3-12 players who must put on a hazmat suits & advance through a series of digital challenges to finally defuse the paint bomb… or get paint blasted! We came on board as the whole marketing outfit of Beat The Bomb on in late 2017 while the company was still validating its games and the business model through Beta-testing (they were issuing free tickets for 250 players to run through their game).


The Results

Google Ad Return on Ad Spend (ROAS):


We ran both branded and non-branded search along with targeted display remarketing.

Overall Revenue Growth in
Year 1:

566% +

We grew from $30,000 in January to $200,000 in revenue in December.

Facebook Return on Ad Spend (ROAS):


We ran both cold prospecting purchase optimized campaigns and direct response retargeting.

Core Learnings

Creative A/B testing on Facebook was the core to our success in ads.

By creating visually eye-catching GIFs and filming slo-motion video we were able to drive up cold prospecting ROAS to above 5.0 and sustain that level of return throughout the entire year. We were able to pivot and test quickly with a broad range of creative modifications and personalization based on audience targeting.

Price testing allowed us to maximize revenue and increase conversion rate

By focusing on price A/B testing and checkout experiments we were able to double the conversion rate of the whole business practically overnight, while also lowering the cancellation rate.

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Too far!

On-going Optimizations + Journey Forward

Every client is different and growth has very little to do with one-off successes or slam dunk tactics.  Growth Marketing is the culmination of weeks and months of brainstorming new ideas and trying them out to see what works and scrapping what doesn’t.

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